This is how digital signature works for tax consultants without hardware


Digitally signing annual accounts and tax returns

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Digital tax consultancy


The digital signature for tax consultancies without hardware

Using the digital signature solution FP Sign, it is possible to sign digitally contracts, documents, account opening documents, disclosure documents or powers of attorney, whilst observing full legal compliance, and transmit them directly to clients or banks for countersignature. Neither for the advanced nor for the qualified electronic signature, will a signature card or a hardware infrastructure be required. Your advantage: Urgent documents can also be signed securely using mobile devices, or be transmitted for countersignature.

FP Sign is easy to integrate in many applications so that it is seamlessly possible from standard and widely used computer programs to upload, sign and transmit documents for countersignatures. For this purpose, the contract partner does not need an own licence but can conveniently identify himself/herself at the computer using a mobile TAN procedure. Protracted correspondences for individual signatures thus are a matter of the past. Using verification protocols, it can be verified whether signed documents are genuine and intact.

You need a possibility for participating in electronic legal transactions according to the ERV law?

With our solutions De-Mail or EGVP in combination with a signature solution we offer secure transmission channels according to ZPO Sect. 170.

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Your clients prefer the written form?

Many clients still require important documents such as tax returns to be sent to them as printouts. But the effort and cost for printing and postage are immense for many consultancies. Here, the digital signature is the suitable alternative. We provide advice on meaningful steps toward a digital consultancy. In addition, in a personal webinar we shall be happy to answer all your questions in connection with the introduction of the digital consultancy and how you can win over your clients for the same.

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Which processes do you wish to digitise? 

More and more tax consultancies attach importance to offer clients easy to use, fast and secure solutions with regard to the communication and the exchange of sensitive data with clients or banks. With FP Sign you can sign online using a wide range of different devices. The qualified electronic signature is also possible via a remote signature.

✓ Powers of representation and powers of attorney
✓ Certification of annual accounts
✓ Confirmation of tax returns by clients

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