Your task: Realise efficiency potentials in transportation

In the digital age, forwarders, wholesalers and logistics companies rely on electronic order handling and invoicing. But at the latest upon delivery, paper-based delivery documents are used to sign for the shipping documents, . Subsequently they need to be entered into the electronic order management system. Subsequent digitalisation of the vast amount of paperwork represents increased manual effort and cost also for recipient of goods. 

The solution: digital signing with FP Sign

FP Sign provides for a digitalised logistics chain without media discontinuities


Order processing without media discontinuity

Electronic signatures can be used to reduce paper mountains and minimise processing times from delivery staff to back office employees.

There will no longer be any need for subsequent order processing. Using FP Sign, logistics companies can be even more customer-oriented by own processes becoming more transparent and faster.

Your advantages 

  • Created with Sketch. Digital legally compliant signing of delivery notes as well as reception and shipping documents
  • Created with Sketch. Faster processes by means of less paper and without media discontinuities
  • Created with Sketch. Highest German security standards
  • Created with Sketch. Optimum user-friendliness and can be operated from anywhere
  • Created with Sketch. Easy to integrate into existing business applications
  • Created with Sketch. Comprehensive consultation and personal service

Who can use FP Sign

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Freight carriers and shippers

In order to digitally sign shipping and received documents in a legally compliant manner, FP Sign can be integrated directly into existing programs.

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Using FP Sign, forwarders can map digitally the entire logistics chain from transportation, turnover, storage and customs.

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