Digital damage and finance management with FP Sign

Using FP Sign the digital signature solution, it is possible to sign digitally damage reports, documents, account opening documents or powers of attorney and transmit them directly to the financial institute or the customer for countersignature. Protracted correspondence is avoided and time limits are observed, and you save money!

In future, customer proximity becomes digital! 

FP Sign enables legally compliant finance management


A wide variety of applications for financial service providers

If insurance-relevant damage occurs, insurance policyholders are not only obliged to report such damage immediately, but the insurance company must be provided directly with all information required to determine the occurrence of such damage and its amount, with all relevant documents having to be complete with signature. Not only does this generate costs for insurance policyholders and insurance companies but frequently also causes contractually stipulated time limits to be exceeded.

Tax consultants are confronted with similar challenges. Only when the client has signed a power of representation will the tax consultant be able to contact the tax office with authority to represent. Many tax consultancies have already digitalised processes, such as for filing of receipts and documents. FP Sign can be used to digitalise and handle further steps from order placement to the submission of tax returns without media discontinuity.


The path is clear for legally compliant cloud computing

Banks and private sickness benefit funds also profit from FP Sign in many ways. Whether documents for opening an account, loan agreements, insurance contracts or legally required consultation protocols – for customers, any discussions with bank and insurance brokers usually involve a large amount of paperwork. Since FP Sign eliminates the use of paper, consultants can design their offers to be more customer-oriented and transparent – and dedicate their time to the customer and not to the printout, compilation and stapling of contracts.

Who can use FP Sign

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Insurance companies and members

In order to submit damage reports digitally in a legally compliant manner, they can be signed digitally with FP Sign and exchanged between insurance policyholder and insurer.

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Private sickness insurance companies

FP Sign ends the non-transparent collection of massive amounts of paperwork. Concluding contracts digitally with FP Sign facilitates customers’ understanding and supports your business.

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Customer-oriented consultation becomes easier with FP Sign. Documents for opening accounts as well as general documents are simply signed digitally.

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Tax consultant

For tax consultancies, digitally signing the power of representation is the opening shot for fast communication with the tax office in the interests of their client.

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